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Forests for Sale in Brazil (Plantations)

Forests for Sale in Brazil (Plantations)

Owing to our forestry background, which is a family owned business with own plantations and management of a forestry company in Brazil, we have a focus in the forestry and agribusiness sector. This has enables us to offer Forests For Sale in Brazil (Plantations). Bracquisitons GmbH provides Forests For Sale in Brazil for different plantations like Teak, Eucalyptus and Pine.

Bracquisitons GmbH manages a forestry company in Brazil (Teca reflorestadora Ltda). Through an intense industry network and close work with plantations owners, we dispose of a large number of teak plantations for sale in different locations of the country. Currently we have more than 5.000-planted hectares of teak for sale. If interested in doing investment or buying the wood, please contact us for further information.

Examples of Current Projects
  • Juruena/MT. Planted area of 128 hectares (total land area 363 ha). Planted from 1993 to 1999. Total of 58.000 trees, 34.500 m3 wood, Growth rate of 16m3/ha/year. Selling Price : US$ 4.500.000,00
  • Alta Floresta/MT : Planted area of 360 hectares (total land area of 850 ha). Planted from 1997 to 2004. Forest Inventory : DBH 19 cm; 336.305 trees. Volume : 47.974 cubic meters. Selling Price : R$ 29.000.000,00; Planted area of 250 hectares. Planted in 2005. Forest Inventory : 208.500 trees. Wood Volume : 15.345 cubic meters. Selling Price : R$ 6.250.000,00; Planted area of approx. 170 hectares (Total land area of 200 ha). Planted in 2004. Wood volume estimated in 20.000 m3. Selling price : R$ 7.330.000,00; Planted area of 2.142 hectares. (Total land area of 5.320 ha land). Planted between 1997 und 2003. Sawmill and wood processing industry (90.000m2 and 1.250m2 building space). Selling price US$ 100.000.000,00
  • Rondônia. Planted area of 150 hectares. (Total land area of 500 ha). Planted from 1998 to 2001. 210.000 trees. Selling Price : US$ 3.500.000,00 (Land and forest) or US$ 2.500.000,00 (forest); Planted are of 1.200 hectares. Teak Wood : 1.200.000 cubic meters. 18 to 20 years old trees. Price per tree: US$ 150,00. Selling Price : US$

In Brazil, Eucalyptus is the most planted species, accounting to more than 70% of the planted area. For investors, forestry and wood companies we can advice and facilitate business transactions involving small to very large plantations, being able to offer more than 100.000 planted hectares (also in different states of the country).

Examples of Current Projects
  • Ribeirão Do Pinhal/Paraná : Total Area : 2.105,4 hectares. Planted Area : 1.402,85 hectares (planted from 2006 to 2008). Average DBH : 15,46 cm (35% of the wood with more than 25 cm DHB). High Of The Trees : 23,33 m. Growth Rate : 67,16 m3/ha/year. Wood Volume : 518.147 cubic meters. Selling Price : R$ 21.000.000,00 (for wood) or R$ 56.000.000,00 (Land and wood)
  • São Paulo : 20.183 hectares land with 9.212 hectares planted with Eucalyptus spp. Age Of The Trees : from 2 to 9 years old. FSC certified. Different plots located in Sao Paulo close to the port. Forest inventory under request. Selling Price : R$ 300.000.000,00

Taeda and Elliottii Pine are the most planted species in Brazil and have a strong concentration in the south of the country. Pine plantations are also very frequent reaching more than 20% of the total forest planted area in Brazil. We are happy to provide more information on the available pine forests for sale.
  • Cambará Do Sul/ RS : Total Area : 1.297 hectares. Planted Area : 682,57 hectares (planted from 1983 to 1986). Total Standing Trees : 378.329. Average Commercial High Of The Trees : 21,25 meters. Average Diameter At Breast High (DBH) : 31,55 cm. Volume Estimation In Cubic Meters : Wood for energy : 36.351 m3. Wood Volume With 15 x 25 cm DBH : 121.032 m3. Wood Volume With 25 x 35 cm DBH : 175.378 m3. Wood Volume With More Than 35 cm DBH : 50.482 m3. Total Volume : 383.927 m3. Price : R$ 25.000.000,00 (Land and Wood) or R$ 17.000.000,00 (Wood)
  • Piratini/RS : Total Area : 4.451 hectares. Planted Area : 3.144,70 hectares. Expected Wood Volume : 850.000 m3 (with more than 20 cm DBH). Selling Price : R$ 44.510.000,00. Photos upon request
  • Cruz Machado : Total Area Of 15.4898 Hectares : 5.016 Hectares planted with Elliottiis and Taeda pine. 25 to 40 Years Old Forest With 10 million Trees : Average diameter at breast high of 35 cm. Around 7 million piled meters. Selling Price For Land And Wood : R$ 200.000.000,00